We are well known in the motorcycle world for producing world class custom machines but the last 2 yrs have been devoted
to building our harry Miller Indy Tribute car in respect for the great team of Miller , Offenhauser and Goosen who as
a team truly changed the world of motorsport. The car is called “The Craftsman” .

Miller was commissioned to build 10no Indy cars using the Ford Flathead V8 , unfortunately it was not much of a success
mainly due to time constraints laid down by henry Ford , this car has a 293 cu in , bored, stoked and cams etc as used
at the time. The car is by no means meant to be a replica as I like to use modern design mixed with old school
thinking, for example the dampers are friction plates from a Honda cb100 but fitted with small hydraulic cylinders to make adjustments from within the cockpit , the speedo is designed by us from NIXIE tubes which were used in aircraft
technology in the 1950,s and 60,s. All the bodywork is alloy and axles, brakes, hubs etcs have all been made in house. It
really does pull a crowd. Lastly my business does not make its money from cars or bikes as they are too Labour
intensive, this car for example was at least 4,000 hrs.

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